Spirituality and Early Trauma - Is there a Link?

with John Wilks and Terry Monell

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Personal experience and anecdotal evidence along with a small number of studies point to a possible link between traumatic experiences and a person’s potential openness to spiritual experiences of various kinds.

It is not clear why this might be the case, but there are intriguing questions and perspectives worth exploring. Among them are the qualities of the highly sensitive person, chicken or the egg?

In this live talk, John Wilks holds a lively discussion with Terry Monell, whose work is focused on the consequences of early medical trauma.

John Wilks

Bowen Technique & Craniosacral Therapy

After studying music at Oxford, John developed a strong interest in body-orientated psychotherapy and meditation. He has been practising the Bowen Technique and Craniosacral Therapy full time since 1995. Read more…

Terry Monell

Somatic Psychologist

After many years as an art consultant developing private and corporate collections, contributing to publications on the visual arts and exhibiting her own work, Terry began to combine her interest in art, spirituality and psychology to explore the subconscious.  Read more…

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