The Microbiome and the Mouth

with Jean-Marc Degioanni

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Gut health is discussed widely in relation to the microbiome’s effect on general health and wellbeing. We know that the microbiome has a huge effect on a wide variety of health conditions, including gut health, inflammation, stress and anxiety to name a few.

What is less discussed is the relation between mouth health and the microbiome. In this webinar Jean Marc will explore the strong effects of poor oral health and how to encourage a healthy environment in the mouth.

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Marc Degioanni

Naturopath and Nutritionist

Jean Marc Degioanni is a qualified naturopath and nutritionist. His experience of severe post-vaccine rheumatism as a child and the subsequent quest for healing led him to the healing power of his own intuition and Mother Nature. In 2016, he set up the School of Infinity Alignment where he teaches Infinity Alignment Therapy, an approach based on his knowledge and personal insights into energy healing. Read more…

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