Andrew Cook

Andrew Cook

United Kingdom

Craniosacral Therapist


Andrew Cook qualified as a Reflexologist in 1998 working as a therapist and teaching others. He moved on to whole body treatment, training in Craniosacral Therapy in 1994.

He has a self-published paper on Cranial bone motion in a peer review journal and since then has further adapted CST to increase the effectiveness of his treatments. Andrew has applied PolyVagal Theory into his CST practice for over 15 years and teaches resilience workshops based on the same material.

Inspired by a conference on Dissociation, run by the ESTD Andrew took part in foundation training in trauma treatment with the SensoriMotor Psychotherapy Institute (SPI). Formative Embodiment is part of Andrew’s practice. Adding to his broad range of “Somatic” (body-based) Wellness-informed and Trauma-informed approaches to treatment.


Classes with Andrew

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