Cellular Consciousness – The Place of Being

with Katy Dymoke

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While our external breath condenses and expands the whole body, respiration on the cellular level provides all cells with oxygen from the fluid around them. This ‘inner ocean’ is a source of energy revived by each breath cycle. The cellular breath creates the vibrational basis of life.

The metabolic process within each cell is an ongoing regulatory and self-regenerative process. When we consciously embody this state, we may experience calm, inner peace and a state of restoration, a sense of self that appears as a unitary sense of self – i.e. the cellular state of being.

In this class, Body-Mind Centering® teacher Katy Dymoke will guide us through some experiential moments of this primary state, a corporeal state in which the mind is at rest, the brain feels at one with all the other cells and the ‘self-membrane’ feels intact.

Katy Dymoke

Body-Mind Centering® Teacher

Katy has been teaching Body-Mind Centering® (BMC®) in the UK since 1997 as program director of Embody-Move UK since 2006. She integrates BMC into her practice as a Dance Movement Psychotherapist and as a touch specialist she works with verbal and non-verbal methods for over 30 years. Read more…
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