'Something Happens'

Transformation in Craniosacral Therapy

with Katherine Ukleja

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How does healing occur during a Craniosacral session? The answer to that question lies in the understanding of the ‘stilling’ stage of the State of Balance when ‘something happens’ (Rollin Becker). This ‘Something’ is the centrepiece of the transformation that takes place as the Potency shifts from its protective state to reveal it’s healing capacity.

We are delighted to have Katherine Ukleja for a three hour workshop designed to guide our thinking, feeling, hands so that we learn to pause and truly listen to what takes place when ‘Something Happens’.

This video is a short  introduction to Katherine’s workshop.

Find out more about the workshop.

Katherine Ukleja

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist

Katherine has been a practitioner for 30 years and one of a small band of leading international teachers of Craniosacral Therapy for the past 25 years, spreading the biodynamic model across Europe, the US and Australasia.Her entrée into the field of manual medicine was via massage and osteopathy. But it was Craniosacral Therapy that beguiled her. Here was a model that encompassed the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of the human condition. It would become her vocation and life’s work.Read more…
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