Reading and Responding to Body Wisdom

Three-part course
with Christos Miliankos

Reading the body’s finer signals indicating a person’s state of health is a valuable item in your practitioner’s toolkit.

Learn to confidently recognise various signs that the body gives (such as eye, the facial structure, nails and tongue) in assessing, refining and setting protocols for Bowen Therapy and other treatments or referral.

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The objective of this course is for participants to:

  • learn how to integrate broader signs, symptoms and indications in determining Bowen Therapy procedures and/or need for referral

  • acquire a range of additional assessment tools to support your practice

  • gain a better understanding of how the Bowen Technique can achieve lasting change for many ailments of the body


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Anatomy and Bowen Procedure Overview

During the initial session of the course, we look into iris colour and important sclera signs and review the anatomy & functions of the GIT, renal and respiratory systems before recapping on the relevant Bowen procedures which assist those body systems.


Tongue and Face Assessment

Did you know that the pupil border is a reflex representation of the spine? Any flattening seen at the pupil border will guide us to which part of the spine is affected most.

In this second class, we look at the iris pupillary margin and review the anatomy of the cardio-vascular and endocrine systems.

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Facial Signs and Nail Analysis

Facial and nail signs for possible dysfunction represent clear indicators for possibly required referral to a medical practitioner.

In this last class, we practise assessments in the group and evaluate our chosen Bowen procedures based on post-treatment re-assessment.



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Christos is a naturopath from North-East Victoria, Australia, who has been practising Bowen Therapy, Integrated Iridology, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Homeopathy in his own clinic since 2001.

Join Christos as he teaches us how to recognise body signals for assessment.

If you have any questions regarding this course, please contact us.

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