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Full Treatment Session Demonstrations

Welcome to these 90-minute workshops with Jeffrey Burch

Would you like to observe a seasoned therapist at work and glean from their expertise? These 90 minute masterclasses allow you to follow a therapy session from greeting the client to the final feedback.

Jeffrey Burch delves into his unique synthesis of twenty assessment methods and twenty four treatment methods all designed to find the most effective and efficient treatment for each person at each moment.

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The objective of these workshops is for you to observe a seasoned practitioner for a full treatment session and learn (more) about the how and why of:

  • intake conversation
  • initial assessment
  • choice of treatment plan
  • post-treatment testing
  • eliciting client feedback

Wokshop Structure

Each session includes:

  • description and general plan and scope of the work to be done
  • discussion with the client their awareness and concerns of the moment
  • physical assessment then begins with observation of standing and walking
  • succession of assessment tests
  • succession of several different interventions as determined by assessment
  • on completion of interventions a new round of assessments will discover the next piece of work
  • post treatment mobility testing and inquiry into the client’s felt sense
  • further discussion with the client
  • summary of the session for course participants and time for questions


During each of the workshop sessions, Jeffrey treats someone with a different set of complaints.

Workshop 1 - Emma

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Emma is a woman in her thirties. Four years ago, she was in a motor vehicle accident. Since then she continues to have chronic headaches, neck pain and stiffness, and anterior and posterior upper thorax pain and stiffness.

Workshop 2 - Jonathan

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Johnathan is a man in his early forties. He was born with unilateral hip dysplasia. A stabilizing surgery was performed in childhood, which eliminated the dislocations but left the hip with reduced mobility and residual pain. Later he developed Legg-Calve-Perthes disease which is lack of blood supply to the ball of the femur, resulting in necrotic bone.

Two years ago a total hip replacement was performed, which improved hip comfort and function. However the hip continues to feel to him as if it might not support him, requiring conscious control during hip movement. He also has uniilateral upper back, shoulder, and neck pain and stiffness.

Workshop 3 - Valerie

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Valerie is a woman in her fifties. She describes:

A deep ache most of the time and a little stiffness in her lower right abdomen/pelvis that appeared after her appendix burst in 2010. At that time, the infection encapsulated and she was treated with antibiotics for a couple of months before the surgery to remove her appendix. Her gallbladder was removed at the same time. She continues to have intermittent pain at the site of her gallbladder.

She also had a hysterectomy in 2004, but the ovaries remain. She experiences right medial knee pain which limits movement and is more painful while carrying any weight. Her left foot has occasional sharp pain near the proximal end of her 5th metatarsal. She has a history of several mild to moderate head traumas.



Life-time access to course videos


Life-time access to course videos

Jeffrey Burch

Jeffrey Burch has got an academic background in biology and counselling. He was trained as a Rolfer at the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute and studied Craniosacral Therapy at the Upledger Institute, later specialising in visceral manipulation.

Join Jeff for these in-depth demonstrations.

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