Tim Robinson-round

Tim Robinson

United Kingdom

 General Practitioner

Tim Robinson is a retired NHS General Practitioner, formerly practising
in Beaminster, Dorset for over 30 years. Whilst working in everyday
General Practice Tim found that his patients showed an increasing
interest in complementary medicine. There is a preference for a natural,
“whole person” approach to health care. There is also growing concern
about drug side effects.
As a General Practitioner Tim was also aware of some limitations of
conventional medicine in the treatment of various conditions. It was
most rewarding for him to be able to complement his conventional
practice with a holistic approach to successfully treat many of these
Since 2000, Tim has been practising complementary medicine in the
Glencairn House, Sherborne. He combines a blend of disciplines to
provide holistic health care in this private clinic. Tim has a special
interest in the treatment and management of ME / chronic fatigue
syndrome and has extended this to the effects of ‘Long COVID’.

Webinars with Tim

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