Molly Tovv

United Kingdom

Somatic Bodyworker

Molly Tovv is the new founder of ReSource Soma. ‘Soma’ is defined as the knowledge arising from the body, through its capacity to feel and remember. Molly seeks to restore trust in our own source of knowing, in the intuition and wisdom available in the sensational capabilities of the body.

She studied Social Policy and Sociology at the University of Bristol, and went on to work in both strategic, and ‘on the ground’ community building in several charities, and grant-giving trusts, that worked in communities alongside people with physical disabilities, learning disabilities, addiction, mental health trauma and neurodiversity. Here she has found that it is in-relationship, and in community, that we can be held accountable to our own potential. It is honouring that relational dynamics arise together, that we remember our ability to co-create our reality.

In her recent studies in Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Sex Education, she is working with individuals, couples and groups to restore their power in connection with their inner and outer worlds. Through coaching embodied consent, the self-regulation and co-regulation of the nervous system, clean language and bodywork, clients learn to notice, value, trust and express their needs, longings and fears. To build a relationship with the sensory source of their intuitive knowing.

Webinars with Molly

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