Working with the Chronic Pain Patient Course introduction

with Marian Dixon

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Pain is a global health problem. One in five people suffers with pain each year and one in ten people experiences chronic pain. The annual costs of treating pain are greater than the costs of treating cancer, heart disease and diabetes combined.

Chronic pain is very different from acute pain with a unique physiology and symptom picture that presents unique challenges for both patient and treating therapist.

In this webinar, US based massage therapist and teacher Marian Dixon introduces us to her upcoming three hour workshop on working with the chronic pain patient. The course will review the anatomy and physiology of chronic pain and explain how it differs from acute pain and present a variety of massage tools and approaches that are appropriate for patients in chronic pain with the example of fibromyalgia.

Find out more about Marian’s course.

Marian Dixon

MA, LMT (#3902, NCTMB approved CEU provider (#769)a  licensed massage therapist

is a  licensed massage therapist and clinical hypnotist with master’s degrees in psychology and health education. She also successfully completed a graduate research fellowship with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Her clinical experience includes working professionally as a massage therapist (since 1992) and a health educator (since 1977). Read more…
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