ScarWork III - A Demonstration of a Textural Art Form

with Andrea Clusen

Tuesday, 4 April 2023

19h UK time

In this concluding part of our ScarWork series, Andrea Clusen will guide you through a ScarWork session ‘in action’ highlighting a few of the fundamental techniques.

ScarWork’s gentle, innovative, and effective approach results in lasting functional change as well as cosmetic improvement. The amount of transformation in one intervention is extensive, and the outcomes appear to be permanent and progressive. Whether new or old, most types of scars seem to respond with rapid healing and further improvement after the session work.

Join us as we learn about the working principles for Integrating Scar Tissue into the Fascial Web.

Andrea Clusen

Andrea Clusen was certified as a Rolfer in 2004 and is an advanced Rolfer and Rolfing instructor for the Dr Ida Rolf Institute Europe. She teaches the Basic Training, as well as workshops on several topics related to Structural Integration. Read more…
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