How to Bring Spirit into Balance – Working with Stress and Anxiety - Part I

with Amichay Saller-Fischbach

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In Chinese Medicine, energy is considered on a spectrum from the material to the ethereal. The organs of our bodies, our emotions and the life animating spirit are all interwoven.

Times of great stress (such as the period of Covid over the last two years) easily lead to imbalances in the inner fabric of our physical organism.

In a short series of two masterclasses, Amichay Saller-Fischbach gives us an insight into the workings of, what TMC calls, ‘Shen‘ or ‘spirit‘ and how it relates to physical health. From understanding ‘Shen‘, we learn how to approach, treat and alleviate problems such as stress and anxiety.

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Amichay Saller-Fischbach

Certified Naturopath

Amichay Saller-Fischbach is a certified naturopath with additional diplomas in TCM, Japanese Acupuncture (Dr Manaka and Shonishin) as well as Japanese Meridian Therapy.Read more…
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