How to Bring Spirit into Balance – Working with Stress and Anxiety - Treatment Strategies

with Amichay Saller-Fischbach

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In Chinese Medicine, energy is considered on a spectrum from the material to the ethereal. The organs of our bodies, our emotions and the life animating spirit are all interwoven.

In part 1 of this mini series, Amichay lays out the interconnectedness of body and ‘spirit’ according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. We learn about the different aspects of ‘Shen’ (spirit), how organs are impacted by an imbalance of the energies in the human body-mind complex and what the consequences can be. (Watch an excerpt here.)

In this second session, Amichay presents treatment approaches to alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety together with their impact on physical health.

Find out about Amichay’s fascinating way of using meridians in manual therapy.

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Amichay Saller-Fischbach

Certified Naturopath

Amichay Saller-Fischbach is a certified naturopath with additional diplomas in TCM, Japanese Acupuncture (Dr Manaka and Shonishin) as well as Japanese Meridian Therapy.Read more…
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