The Art and Heart of Forgiveness

with Barbara Hunt

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Holding on to past hurts and harbouring resentment can slow down the path to healing. Often, our clients do not see any connection between those feelings and their physical condition.

To authentically forgive — “the absolute refusal to hold ill will against someone for what they did or didn’t do” – KB Brown — can be tremendously challenging.

In this talk, Barbara Hunt offers an overview of forgiveness – why it matters, why it can be hard and what the potential is of this secular ethics/master spiritual practice. We cover some of the most common obstacles to forgiveness, and how to support clients on their journey toward truly letting go of the past.

Barbara Hunt

Forgiveness Specialist, Author

Barbara J Hunt is a forgiveness specialist, speaker, workshop leader and bestselling author of “Forgiveness Made Easy”. She is a personal and spiritual development coach in private practice and at bespoke retreats in rural Somerset, UK.

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