The Shadow in You

Shadow Constellation Work for Practitioners and Therapists

Three-part course
with Nir Esterman

Shadow Work allows us to re-integrate lost parts of ourselves and become less triggered and more empathic. Family constellations allow us to re-integrate with our ancestors and heal the inter-generational wounds we often carry on their behalf.
Combined, both approaches offer therapists and practitioners a deep and practical way of healing and of better understanding the client-practitioner relationship. Each lesson will focus on a different aspect and application of Shadow Constellations Work.

This course of three one-hour lessons will give you:

  • A first person perspective on what the Shadow is and how it affects us

  • A structured way to identify your own Shadows and those of your clients

  • New tools and perspectives to understand and deepen your relationships

  • Experiential learning focused on re-integrating some of your meaningful Shadows

  • An experience of looking through the Shadow into the intergenerational trauma which created it, and the healing possibilities this view offers

  • Integration with Shadows and ‘golden Shadow’ as a way to support your business growth



Hello, I Am Your Shadow

The Shadow consists of aspects we cannot be in touch with inside ourselves, with that which endangered our sense of belonging as very young children. The more we have repressed and denied our Shadows, the more we are triggered when we meet them in other people.

In this lesson, Nir introduces you to the Shadow and then takes you through a powerful process of identifying and reconnecting with one of your Shadows.


Self-Supervision with Shadow Constellations

Relationships are complex things. This is doubly true for the client-practitioner relationship. Beneath our conscious mind, there are elements and processes which influence the relationship, affecting the success of the therapy and its emotional safety. Shadow Constellations bring some of these elements into the light of consciousness, exposing the roles, expectations and pitfalls that come with them. A toolbox for self-supervision if you like.

This lesson focuses on identifying the roles we unknowingly fulfill for our clients and on the effect this may have on our work. This is done through the combination of a demonstration and a personal structure with which you will explore the Shadows and roles affecting one of your professional relationships.


Golden Shadows and Your Business Success

We often focus on the unpleasant or socially unacceptable parts of our Shadow. However in the Shadow, there are also aspects we believe are good, which we value or even envy in others. We feel that they are special because they have something we do not have in ourselves or are not capable of. These are called Golden Shadows and among others, they play a meaningful role in our business success or the lack thereof.

In this lesson we look into one of your Business Golden Shadows – into an aspect you know may help you in business but which does not seem accessible or feels wrong for some reason. This lesson will help you find a way to ethically re-own the positive quality that you miss.

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Nir is a teacher and facilitator of Family/Systemic Constellations and of Shadow Work and works individually and in groups. In this course, Nir takes you through a journey of your own shadow lands. He shares with you ways of identifying, integrating and reconciling with your shadows and the traumas which created them. This work holds the potential of deeply transforming both your personal and professional relationships.

If you have any questions regarding this course, please contact us.

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