Pain Revolution

Three-part course with Steve Haines

This course introduces new ways of working with persistent or chronic pain based on a wider definition of the phenomenon of pain, the neurological background and a constructive language that points towards improvement and healing.

This series of three one-hour live lessons (which are also recorded) will give you:

  • a deeper insight into the nature of pain

  • some scientific background of the workings of nerves and immune cells relative to pain

  • a new language around pain

  • practical methods that can guide a client beyond the ‘stuck alarm’



What is Pain?

In this first lesson, Steve provides with a much wider definition of pain than we might have been holding. An understanding of the true nature of pain is crucial for any attempt to help those who suffer from it. You will learn about:

  • Paradigms and belief systems
  • Suffering
  • Pain is a perception not a sensation
  • Pain is an output not an input
  • Pain is protective feeling
  • Pain is complex and much more than ‘issues in the tissues’
  • Pain emerges when your brain has credible evidence of danger


How nerves and immune cells work

The next step in building a foundation for understanding pain is a good insight into the workings of the nerves and immune cells in the body. This lesson covers:

  • Danger signals not pain signals
  • Threat perception
  • Brief overview of how the brain works
  • Being sensitive and our fluid chemical soup
  • Danger signals from immune cells
  • Inflammation and stress as outputs to protect


How to talk about pain

Assessing and working with pain patients requires adequate language. Only the patient or client knows what it really feels like to them. We as practitioners can help the client to talk about their pain in a way that points towards improvement. In this last lesson, Steve discusses:

  • Listening to their story
  • Danger messages versus Safety messages
  • Not a broken machine, not permanently damaged
  • Sensitivity and adaptability
  • Keep moving, keep feeling, keep de-stressing
  • Reframing

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Steve Haines has been a chiropracter for over two decades and teaches TRE and Cranial work all over the world. He is the co-author of ‘Cranial Intelligence’ and author of the short graphic books ‘Pain Is Really Strange’ and ‘Trauma Is Really Strange’. Understanding the science of pain and trauma has transformed his approach to healing. Join Steve to learn about his approach to working with pain patients and how a deeper understanding of the nature of pain enables practitioners to help clients move beyond this alarm signal in their body.

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