ScarWork I - An Orientation to the FascialWork™ of Sharon Wheeler

with Jeannie Kelley

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ScarWork is not just another approach to working with scars – it’s like speaking another language in the world of connective tissue. This groundbreaking method has helped countless individuals, and is opening doors into the fields of both Structural Integration and modern medicine. ScarWork is paving the way for some of the latest scientific research, and is expected to revolutionize our understanding of the human body and the role of manual therapy.

US based Structural Integrator Jeannie Kelley discusses all of this and more in a presentation about the founder of ScarWork, Sharon Wheeler, who, at the age of 23, trained with Ida Rolf as an “artistic experiment”. Sharon’s contributions are both a reflection and an evolution of her lineage, and these insights invite us to explore human potential in ways that perhaps Dr. Rolf had yet to fully realize in her lifetime.

ScarWork, like Fascia 101, is the foundation course in Sharon’s broader curriculum – a bridge that interfaces possibility with consensus reality; a gateway into the outer limits of her other breakthrough discoveries.

Jeannie Kelley

Structural Integration and Bodywork Practitioner

Jeannie Kelley is advanced certified in Structural Integration and has been in bodywork practice since 1986.In 2010, she began a close mentorship with Sharon Wheeler. Read more…
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