ScarWork II – Understanding Our Method of Resolving Scars

ScarWork II - Understanding Our Method of Resolving Scars

with Andrea Clusen and Jeannie Kelley

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Creating scar tissue is our body’s way of mending trauma. However, these adhesions often leave us compromised with tension, restriction, and disorganization. Sharon Wheeler jokes about this being a “design flaw” because such compensations often lead to future complications. But, what if… we could “erase” the scarring, and integrate the tissue back into the fascial web?

In this second session about Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork approach, Andrea Clusen and Jeannie Kelley look at it through the lens of biotensegrity and examine how scars can influence areas both locally and body-wide. We will also shed light on the effects of some common surgical procedures, and start to imagine new possibilities for post-operative surgical outcomes.

As we come to understand ScarWork as a form of Structural Integration, we can begin to turn towards permanent solutions. Sharon Wheeler calls this “reverse engineering”.

Andrea Clusen

Advanced Rolfer and Rolfing instructor

Andrea Clusen was certified as a Rolfer in 2004 and is an advanced Rolfer and Rolfing instructor for the Dr Ida Rolf Institute Europe. She teaches the Basic Training, as well as workshops on several topics related to Structural Integration. Read more…

Jeannie Kelley

Structural Integration and Bodywork Practitioner

Jeannie Kelley is advanced certified in Structural Integration and has been in bodywork practice since 1986. In 2010, she began a close mentorship with Sharon Wheeler. Read more…
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