Creating Safety - Mitigating Harm

Polyvagal Principles for the Touch Therapist

with Tove Borgendale

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How do we, as touch practitioners, become an anchor of safety when our clients are unreceptive to best practice interventions?

Polyvagal Theory explains the crucial role the autonomic nervous system plays in the process of recovery, restoration, and healing. Adaptive survival states in our clients can greatly impact our therapeutic effectiveness.

We are delighted to have Craniosacral therapist and teacher Tove Borgendale for a three-part course this coming March. During this course, you will learn how to transfer receptive responses to touch and help your clients move from survival states to an experience of safety. You will create your personal touch map, discover a foundational language for creating safety and learn how to navigate moments of rupture.

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Tove Borgendale

Polyvagal informed Bodyworker

Tove has over 25 years of experience working with complex and preverbal trauma and takes a holistic approach to healing body/mind/spirit and heart. She is licensed as a massage therapist with a focus in developmental and strain trauma as it relates directly to befriending, honoring and trusting our bodies.
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