Clare Chapman


Conscious Finance, Homeopath, Bowen Practitioner

Clare Chapman’s professional path started with accountancy in different roles and sectors but a childhood desire to be a nurse was rekindled during a maternity break of a few years and led her to study homeopathy and train as a Bowen therapist.

Clare developed a passion for thinking ‘outside the box’ and for perceiving the world through a holistic lens. She was drawn back to accountancy because of a deepening desire to help create a more equitable and prosperous world through business. By applying what she had learned through homeopathy and Bowen, she felt she could help heal what she saw as the broken world of business. This brought her into contact with conscious businesses and conscious leadership. It became clear that the missing piece was conscious finance.

She set up Conscious Finance to explore the real meaning of money and finance and has developed a framework to share her findings with individuals and organisations.

Webinars with Clare

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