Body Decoding for Bowen Practitioners

with Georgi Ilchev

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Discover a way of assessing and treating clients that will support your professional development, deepen your skills as a Bowen Practitioner and improve your capability treating clients.

This webinar is an introduction to a series of four 2-hour workshops with Senior Bowen Instructor Georgi Ilchev we are privileged to be kicking off the New Year with. In this course, Georgi will lead you through the theory and practice of postural and musculoskeletal assessments to establish better treatment and exercise strategies for your clients.

Join us for this free, live course introduction with Georgi Ilchev and discover how to enhance your Bowen practice.

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Georgi Ilchev

Senior Bowtech Instructor

Graduated the physiotherapy department of the University of Rousse in 2001. Running a regular Ph.D program on: “Specifying the technique of performance in the manual muscle testing of some muscle or muscle groups” from 2002 – 2007. Read more…

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