Lymphatics Unlocked

with Gus de la Guerra

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Our Lymphatic system is one of the most important and perhaps most ignored, and mostly overlooked systems in the body.

In this masterclass, Gus de la Querra, bodywork practitioner and personal trainer for over 30 years, demonstrates the role of the lymphatic system in primal, general and brain health. Practitioners who understand and know how to stimulate the lymphatic system can be life-changing for their clients and support healing and promote well-being.

Discover how to recognise symptoms of a struggling lymphatic system and how to stimulate it with often immediate results.

Join Gus on an exciting journey exploring this incredible body system.

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Gus de la Querra

Bodywork Practitioner and Sports Therapist

Gus has over 30 years involvement in the Health and Fitness industry. Being a qualified Personal Trainer, Sports therapist, and a practitioner and tutor of various bodywork techniques, he has been running a busy clinic in Oxfordshire, UK for the past 18 years.  Read more…

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