Money in the Therapeutic Relationship

with Clare Chapman

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Many therapists experience a reluctance to charge for their work, but why?Reducing our sacred work to a transactional basis by charging money is hugely challenging as we can easily experience a clash of values.

‘Conscious Finance’, an approach developed by Clare Chapman, invites us to look at money through a number of lenses designed to help us uncover our unconscious ‘stories’ around money and find ways to make money our ally.

In this class, Clare shows us how we can partner with money as a sacred ally, practice generosity and creativity and truly create beautiful, healthy businesses which create flourishing for all.

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Clare Chapman

Conscious Finance, Homeopath, Bowen Practitioner

Clare Chapman’s professional path started with accountancy in different roles and sectors but a childhood desire to be a nurse was rekindled during a maternity break of a few years and led her to study homeopathy and train as a Bowen therapist. Read more…

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