Peter Littlejohn Cook

For 10 years, Peter taught meditation and gave spiritual development guidance to seekers in England and Portugal. When he settled in Lisbon, through his integration and simplification of many systems of healing into what has become known as ‘Energy-Flow’, he became known as the ‘therapist’s therapist’.

After an ‘existential crisis’ and an insight into ‘spiritual bypassing’, Peter focused his energy into using Tantra as the main way of supporting the development of a healthy, whole human being. His background with Kriya Yoga and Taoist practices led to the creation of an approach to Tantra that honours the original teachings of the Yogi-saints and Siddhas, maintaing a direct link to the every-present source of Liberation. This led to a strong response from other Tantra teachers, as well as Yoga teachers, who were relieved to find depth and clarity in the teachings, as well as valuable support for the integration of their personal experiences with Kundalini. This inspired the development of courses designed specifically for Tantra teachers and therapists.

Since 2012 Peter has presented his work to a growing international community of scientists and spiritual teachers through the SAND (Science and Nonduality) Conferences in Holland, Italy, and the USA, exploring a deeper and more integrative understanding of the human being and our potential.

Peter’s is based in Sintra, Portugal, where people come to him for training retreats and support with healing.

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