Peter Littlejohn Cook


Yoga and Breathwork Teacher

After a spiritual awakening in his teens Peter has been through almost three decades of “processing”, studying meditation, energy-work, and the “yogic technology” of Kriya Yoga with several “spiritual masters”.

In the last couple of decades Peter has become known for teaching therapists and spiritual seekers short but effective meditation and breathwork practices that can be integrated day-to-day for accessing the body’s wisdom for “self-regulation”.

In everyday language, Peter shares gentle and joyful practices that set the ground for an experience of embodied grace to arise more and more consistently, and spontaneously, even in the most challenging times.

Peter is the director of the GraceFlow School of Meditation, Breathwork and Tantric Yoga, through which he provides support (mostly online these days) to Yoga teachers, therapists, coaches, and heart-centered entrepreneurs who have had a spiritual awakening and who recognize the importance of bridging the ‘spiritual’ and the ‘material’, the sacred and the mundane, for grounding and embodied self-realization.

Webinars with Peter

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