Joanne Elphinston

Movement Expert and Author

Beginning her professional journey in Australia over thirty years ago as a physiotherapist and coach, Joanne Elphinston is a movement philosopher, performance consultant and international lecturer in rehabilitation and movement. She is fascinated by what connects us in the deeply human experience of movement, and how it is shaped through the influences of childhood, pain, aging, culture, beliefs and emotions. Joanne is the creator of JEMS, a holistic yet structured approach to rehabilitation based on potential and possibility, empowerment and embodiment, which is used by professionals around the world.

Joanne’s books, including “Stability, Sport and Performance Movement”, have been translated into a number of languages. Her most recent book, “The Power and the Grace: A Professional’s Guide to Ease and Efficiency in Functional Movement”, is now available from Handspring Publishing. More information on Joanne’s work and courses can be found on www.jemsmovement.com, on Facebook at JEMSMovementART and on Instagram: @jemsjoanne.

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