Wandering Around the Vagus Nerve

with Gus de la Querra

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The vagus nerve, also known as the “wandering nerve”, is paramount to both our physical and mental health. Like an octopus sensing its surroundings with its tentacles, the vagus nerve not only acts as the brain’s eyes and ears but is also a key player in life-preserving physiological functions.

Although armed with amazing superpowers, the vagus nerve can be affected by problems in other structures or systems in the body. These issues are not necessarily obvious and need to be dealt with first to ensure optimal vagal function.

In this masterclass, Gus de la Querra shows what ‘makes the vagus nerve nervous’, how to recognise these factors and how we can deal with them.

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Gus de la Querra

Bodywork Practitioner and Sports Therapist

Gus has over 30 years involvement in the Health and Fitness industry. Being a qualified Personal Trainer, Sports therapist, and a practitioner and tutor of various bodywork techniques, he has been running a busy clinic in Oxfordshire, UK for the past 18 years.Read more…
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