Meridians and Scar Tissue – Caesarian, Thyroid and Vaccination Scars

Meridians and Scar Tissue – Caesarian, Thyroid and Vaccination Scars

with Amichay Saller-Fischbach

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Scars have an electric charge about five times that of normal skin and will induce interference in the body’s energy flow, no matter how large and deep it is situated in the tissue. Scars that cross acupuncture meridian channels can block energy to their related organs, body parts and related emotions.

In this masterclass, Germany-based naturopath Amichay Saller-Fischbach shows how to examine scars according to their position on the body and how to classify them with regard to meridians, inner organs and their corresponding emotions (TCM), focusing on Caesarian, Thyroid and vaccination scars.

You will learn how to discover scar tissue as an interference field and how to remedy them with acupressure or Bowen moves in order to restore the flow of Qi in meridians, inner organs and the whole body and mind.

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Amichay Saller-Fischbach

Amichay Saller-Fischbach is a certified naturopath with additional diplomas in TCM, Japanese Acupuncture (Dr Manaka and Shonishin) as well as Japanese Meridian Therapy. Read more…
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