How to Re-Educate Intrinsic Musculature

with Joy Carey

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Throughout our lifetime, posture slowly starts to break down which leads to a greater reliance on the big muscles, the extrinsic system, for keeping upright, walking, standing up and reaching for objects. We may see our client’s body lean, twist, and/or lurch forward without them experiencing this form of tensioning directly; as these patterns subtly increase over many years.

Philadelphia based bodyworker and movement teacher Joy Carey introduces us to a type of movement work which reanimates the deep layers of tissue in the body that often become dormant as we age.  This layer, the ‘intrinsic system’, determines posture and alignment.

We hear how the deeper system of musculature can be re-educated, with the emphasis on how to train the intrinsics safely so that this deeper layer can once again support the natural alignment of the body.

Joy Carey

Joy Carey works as a bodyworker and movement teacher in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. She loves being a resource for clients as they discover greater and greater health and well-being. Her main professional goal is to serve people in taking responsibility for their health habits, as well as teaching people how to heal their bodies from things that have happened in the past. Read more…

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