A Holistic Approach to Long COVID

with Tim Robinson

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Long COVID – what is it, how many people does it affect, what are the symptoms, what are the differences between Long COVID and M.E. and C.F.S., what are the treatment options?

These are some of the questions that are addressed by Dr Tim Robinson, lead NHS doctor on Long COVID (or PCF – Post-COVID Fatigue) for the South-West of England.

As a medical doctor, Tim Robinson brings a holistic approach to this phenomenon and will explore nutritional, psychological, allopathic and manual therapies that might help people in their recovery.

Tim Robinson

General Practitioner

Tim Robinson is a retired NHS General Practitioner, formerly practising in Beaminster, Dorset for over 30 years. Whilst working in everyday General Practice Tim found that his patients showed an increasing interest in complementary medicine.

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