Bowen Revision Workshops

Bowen Revision Workshops

Modules 1 - 7

Welcome to these revision workshops with John Wilks

These workshops are designed to revise and deepen some of the basic Bowen work learned in modules 1 – 7 and provide you with assessment tools, therapy protocol strategies and ways to generally refine your work.

The workshops are suitable for all qualified Bowen practitioners, irrespective of where you have studied in the past. They qualify for full CPD points with the Bowen Association UK.

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In these workshops, you will be able to:

  • refresh and deepen your knowledge and understanding of Bowen modules 1-7
  • acquire assessment tools to ascertain where to work and what moves to use
  • learn how to determine appropriate procedures for individual clients
  • be given techniques to refine your work and be more effective
  • refine your practical hands-on skills
  • deepen your understanding of why certain types of moves and procedures have specific effects on the body
  • find out how to vary your approach depending on the client’s medical history
  • learn how to work with the sensitive client when they have chronic conditions
  • understand how to vary your touch, speed, pressure and depth of moves depending on the effect you want to achieve in the body

Workshop Structure

The workshops begin with some theory and cover the anatomy about the procedures being practiced, followed by a practical demonstration on a live body in the studio. This is filmed in such a way that the positioning of the practitioner’s hands and the position of the client will be super clear.



Workshop 1

  • BRM 1 (Page 1), Pelvis and Sacrum
  • BRM 2 (Page 2), Lower Respiratory and Kidney

Workshop 2

  • BRM3 (Page 3), Shoulder and Elbow, Hamstrings, Knee and Coccyx

Workshop 3

Ankle, Upper Respiratory, TMJ, working with Babies, Gall bladder work, Seated and Side-lying work

Workshop 4

Extra work around the head, Forearm, the chest, extra work around the shoulder, additional procedures for the pelvis, coccyx and leg.  Bringing it all together into a treatment plan

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Access to live sessions
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John Wilks

John Wilks has been a Bowen practitioner since 1995 and an international Bowen teacher for nearly 25 years. He is a former chairman of the Bowen Association of the UK and advisor on education and training for the Bowen Forum under the Prince of Wales’ Foundation for Integrated Health.


Join John for this online series of complementary training workshops. Deepen your skills and refine your practice.

If you have any questions regarding this course, please contact us.

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