Bowen Inside Out

Reading and Responding to Body Wisdom

with Christos Miliankos

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Reading the body’s finer signals indicating a person’s state of health is a valuable item in your practitioner’s toolkit.

Recognising various signs that the body gives (such as eye, facial structure, nails and tongue) during your assessment will enable you to set adequate protocols for Bowen Therapy and other treatments or possibly referral.

We are excited to welcome Christos Miliankos at eHealth Learning for a series of three workshops on how to read a client’s body’s subtler expressions of possible dysfunction and how to make use of that information for treatment protocols.

Christos Miliankos

Naturopath and Bowen Practitioner

Christos is a naturopath from North-East Victoria, Australia, who has been practising Bowen Therapy, Integrated Iridology, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Homeopathy in his own clinic since 2001. Read more…
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