The Rules of the Vascular Tree

Applied Biodynamics for Metabolic Health

Welcome to this
3-part course with
Michael Shea

Metabolic health is now a primary concern for most of our clients as it relates directly to an individual’s risk for heart disease, diabetes, stroke and inflammatory processes.

A healthy body has a perfect balance of arteries, capillaries and veins that allow the blood to reach every cell in the body and that form what is called the “vascular tree”.

In this course, the basis of biodynamic practice, Primary Respiration and dynamic stillness expand to include the five elements of the Indo-Tibetan medical traditions, selected acupuncture points from Classical Chinese Medicine and contact with the vascular tree to promote metabolic health and stimulate an anti-inflammatory response especially in the vagus nerve.

Three separate protocols are taught, one in each of the lessons to affect and harmonise metabolic health in the contemporary client.

Course Lessons

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