How to Recognise and Work with Organ-Related Pain Patterns

with Jeffrey Burch

Internal organ dysfunction can be a source of musculo-skeletal pain in clients. The ability to recognise these organ related pain patterns puts you in a position to assess whether medical referral is required or if and how manual therapy modalities can be applied.

Based on the work of Goodman and Snyder, Visceral Manipulation Teacher Jeffrey Burch (USA) lays out the assessment skills required to discern whether there is either fibrosity in the organ support structures and/or active pathology present in the organ.

An introduction to the concepts and methods is followed by a detailed working through of the application of these concepts and methods to a small number of organs.

Jeffrey Burch

Rolfer and Craniosacral Therapist

Jeffrey Burch received a BA in biology from the University of Oregon in 1975, after which he trained at The Dr. Ida Rolf InstituteĀ® in Boulder, Colorado, receiving his Certification as a Rolfer in 1977. He has been in continuous practice since then. Jeffrey now focuses primarily on teaching and writing. Read more…

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