Meridian Based Migraine Treatment

with Amichay Saller-Fischbach

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Migraine is a very common complaint with often debilitating symptoms which we often come across in our practice.

In this webinar, German naturopath Amichay Saller-Fischbach  explains the possible stages of migraine and how they can develop. We will try to understand this condition from the perspective of Traditional Eastern Medicine with its five phase theory. Relevant acupuncture points are discussed and demonstrated and Amichay  shows some treatment strategies and methods.

Amichay Saller-Fischbach


Certified Naturopath

Amichay Saller-Fischbach is a certified naturopath with additional diplomas in TCM, Japanese Acupuncture (Dr Manaka and Shonishin) as well as Japanese Meridian Therapy.  Read more…

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