Radical Wholeness

Radical Wholeness tackles head-on a disability deeply embedded in our culture – and so in each one of us; a disability that affects our very way of being. Simply put, our culture is whole-blind. We do not feel the self as a whole or the Present as a whole. We don’t know what it means to think with the whole of our being, to be present to someone with the whole of our being, or to speak from it.

But wholeness is the nature of reality: everything affects everything, everything leans on everything. Reality is a seamless whole. To be blind to wholeness is, quite simply, to be blind to reality.

By finding our way out of the head and reuniting with our body’s intelligence, we can ground ourselves in a wholeness of being that feels and supports the harmonies not just of our life, but of our wakeful world.

This bundle is an introduction to Philip Shepherd’s work. The talks will give you an overview of his approach and the exercises will allow you to experience some practices from “The Embodied Present Process”.

“In this webinar, Philip Shepherd explores issues that enable practitioners to drop into the thriving intelligence of the body, and facilitate its attunement to the present.  This is a primary skill of care-giving: to be fully present to the client.  It is also a means of deeply informing a practitioner and guiding them in the work they do.”

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Our modern world persuades us in countless ways to separate from the body and live in the head. Disconnected from the body’s intelligence, we also disconnect from the wholeness of the present which is the primary source of stress in our personal lives and for the planet.

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“The real adventure consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in seeing with new eyes”  Proust

Most of our problems, individually and globally, stem from a single root cause: we have created a culture of disconnection.  Philip Shepherd has devoted his life to understanding how that happened, how it impacts our …

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