Understanding Ligaments as Sensory Organs

with Robert Libbey

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Ligament and joint tissues are important structures of the fascial, biotensegral and neurological system. We now know that ligaments & joint capsules are not completely separate structures from the surrounding tissues and that their Injuries are considered both connective tissue and neuro-psycho-physiologic dysfunctions effecting neuroplasticity of the central nervous system.

In this webinar, manual therapist Robert Libbey discusses the current understanding of ligaments together with suggestions for treatment/rehabilitation. We will look at the ligamentomuscular reflex (mono & polysynaptic reflex’s), ligament laxity, ligament pain referral patterns and the the neurological innervation of ligaments.

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Robert Libbey

Massage Therapist

Robert Libbey has been a registered massage therapist (RMT) for over twenty-six years and an educator for over twenty years.

At the beginning of his career, Robert recognized that many of his patients were describing pain referral patterns that did not conform to established central or peripheral neuropathies or Travell trigger point patterns.Read more…

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