Integrative Treatment of Ligamentous Shoulder Injuries – Course Introduction

with Robert Libbey

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Shoulder injuries and conditions are a common complaint in our clients but they are not necessarily easy to treat. New scientific insight tells us that the human body is an asymmetrical and non-linear feedback system that requires an integrative approach for best results.

We are excited to have Canadian massage therapist and educator Robert Libbey offer a three part live online course. This course is designed to give you a comprehensive overview of the different aspects involved in shoulder pain as well as practical guidance for treatment.

The course introduction questions why an integrative approach to joint tissue injuries matters.

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Robert Libbey

Massage Therapist

At the beginning of his career, Robert recognized that many of his patients were describing pain referral patterns that did not conform to established central or peripheral neuropathies or Travell trigger point patterns. His investigations led him to research documenting ligament pain referral patterns. Read more…
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