Joanne Avison

United Kingdom

Yoga, Anatomy, Biotensegrity

Joanne Avison (IASI) is co-founder and director of the Art of Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training School, (AOCY) accredited worldwide by Yoga Alliance (USA), Yoga Federation of India, European Yoga Alliance and IPTI. She holds E-RYT500 status, (“E” denotes Experience) with many thousands of registered teaching hours over the last two decades, accumulated all over the world since she graduated in 1995.

Joanne is also a Professional Structural Integrator (IASI) and as an early graduate of Tom Myer’s KMI school (1999-2001), became a Certified Teacher of Kinesis, before designing the yoga teacher training programme. Her considerable experience in both movement and manual therapy inspired the school’s unique approach to yoga and integrated Applied Structural Anatomy.

Joanne is also a CMED Graduate (2004) and has studied extensively in human development as well as specialising in soft tissue and the links between archetypal behaviour and physiology. Her intensive studies include Human Dissection and movement research in Fascial Fitness with Robert Schleip. She is a certified Craniosacral practitioner and her early background in art & design always informs her lively approach to teaching and learning. Her workshops and webinars are extremely informative, down-to-earth and practical.

Joanne currently teaches regular workshops and Webinars around the world on Structural Anatomy and Fascial Fitness. A published author, Joanne is currently working on a book for Handspring Publishing: YOGA: Fascia, Anatomy and Movement.

Joanne is a registered Yoga teacher based in Brighton, UK.

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