Joanna Watters

United Kingdom

Teacher and Retreat Facilitator

Originally trained as a primary school teacher, my career has meandered through many expressions, mainly working with people, of all ages in various social contexts, including horticulture, counselling, massage and reflexology. I have trained in or studied several modalities, including Parenting by Connection; H.A.N.D.L.E; Landmark Forum; the impactful Birth into Being Method with Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova, and the gentle guidance of Myrna Martin’s “womb surround” work and I enjoy weaving aspects of many methods into my work.

I am devoted to reality, and drawn by the mysterious opening that happens, naturally, when we are free enough to really meet and welcome what’s arising, including defensive habits, including pain, and even when that seems like the last thing that we could possibly do.

Webinars with Joanna

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