James Dohn

James Dohn


Chiropractor and Life Coach


James Dohn, D.C., is dedicated to helping people through Chiropractic, Structural Integration and Life Coaching. He is committed to providing drug-free, primary family health care. Dr Dohn’s goal is to have his patients live life to the fullest, free from pain and completely functional.

“Living life to the fullest” is exemplified by Dr Dohn’s patients, who include world-class athletes and very active individuals. Dr Dohn provides structural balance corrections so that the body can heal itself, as it does so well, including chiropractic adjustments and deep-tissue bodywork known as Hellerwork Structural Integration.

In more than 25 years of practice and study, Dr Dohn has become known for his alternative approaches to the physical, behavioural and emotional problems that can cause people suffering.

Webinars with James

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