Moving towards Wholeness - A Holotropic Perspective on Bodywork

with Sonja Busch

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Holotropic (meaning “moving towards wholeness“) is a term coined by psychiatrist and psychedelic researcher Dr. Stanislav Grof. Dr. Grof, together with his wife Christina Grof, developed Holotropic Breathwork®, a therapeutic breathing practice that involves controlling and quickening breathing patterns to influence one’s mental, emotional, and physical states.

Much of Dr. Grof’s groundbreaking research from the 70s has been validated by modern consciousness research and it has influenced many different fields, from mental health to prenatal psychology, and neuroscience.

In this talk, Bowen Practitioner and Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator Sonja Busch explores the theoretical framework of the Holotropic Paradigm, especially how the four perinatal matrices may be the gateway to physical, mental and energetic well-being.

Through clients’ stories we  see how Holotropic Breathwork may be used to support clients on their path as well as for our own personal and professional growth as therapists.

Sonja Busch

Bowen Practitioner and Holotropic Breathwork® Facilitator

Sonja is passionate about her work as Bowen practitioner . She coordinates Grof Transpersonal Training (GTT) in Europe, is GTT teacher and co-founder of the Holotropic Association of Europe.Based in Vienna she has extensive experience in working and supporting people in expanded states of consciousness worldwide. Read more…
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