The Role of Fascia in Skin Ageing

with Tracey Kiernan

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Fascial research shows that the superficial fascia a strong connection to the skin. It plays an important role in thermoregulation and skin vascularisation. Restrictions in the many lymphatic vessels throughout the superficial fascia can affect lymph drainage and subsequent oedema damages skin elasticity.

Tracey Kiernan, whom you will remember from our webinar on the TMJ, this time, presents on a way to adapt fascial techniques to the face to reduce wrinkles change skin tone etc. Her holistic fascial approach takes the whole body into account while particularly focusing on face, neck and decolletage.

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Tracey Kiernan

Clinical Massage Therapist and Teacher

Tracey Kiernan is a clinical massage therapist, (BTEC6) qualified dental nurse (NEBDN) and teacher(Cert Ed. UCLAN) with a combined experience of almost 40 years in the fields of dentistry, advanced clinical massage and education. Read more…

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