Fascia in Motion – Its Dynamic Abilities

with Wilbour Kelsick

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Fascia is a fascinating topic in medical science. We study its macro aspect (gross anatomy) and micro aspects (histology) which are all static. However, we seldom appreciate it in our movement such as: dance, walking, running, on the job, or within our daily activities.

Many exercise programs are designed with outdated concepts about human gross anatomy and knowledge of its fascia architecture. These techniques and body postures continue to be favoured due to popularity or because ‘it’s always been this way.’ As a result, many exercise routines do not demonstrate any functional basis for their effectiveness. Most programs are targeting specific body parts (gluts, arms (Biceps), abs a total segmental approach. I Functional Training, in comparison, is specific to the body’s bio-movement (Levin) (running, swimming, throwing) that you are attempting to execute.

The concept of Global Functional Training (GFT)TM works with proper posture to address the biotensegrity nature of body’s architecture. It prevents imbalances in the body milieu, reduces the risk of injuries, improves the elastic integrity of the body tissues, and ultimately enhances performance. In other words, it is time we move away from “The One Size Fits All” cliché.

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Wilbour Kelsick

Sports & Rehabilitative Medicine

Dr. Wilbour Kelsick, DC, BSc, FRCCSS(C), FCCRS(C) Sports Medicine & Rehabilitative MedicineDr. Kelsick is the founder and spiritual core of the MaxFit Movement Institute. He has been working with Canadian National and Olympic teams as a member of the official medical staff for over 20 years. Read more…
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