Assessment Strategies for Manual Therapists

Three-part course
with John Sharkey

Seeking somatic harmony and osseofascial balance for chronic pain patients.

A series of assessments and therapeutic interventions that focus on John Sharkey’s bespoke Osseofascial Techniques

This course will:

  • Introduce you to appropriate taxonomies

  • Discuss the hierarchical nature of human anatomy and physiology to ensure your best time management

  • Provide assessment examples, adapted to different circumstances, specific to the chronic pain patient

  • Define appropriate assessment criteria, with a holistic view, that can be used within manual therapy for successful intervention

  • Offer bespoke fascia focused techniques for reduction of pain and restoration of pain free motion

  • Briefly discuss legal risks, responsibilities and provide appropriate Standards and Guidelines


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Part I

A Holistic View of Function, Dysfunction and Functional Adaptation

  • Introduction
  • History
  • The term “assessment”
  • The body’s requirements
  • Pain
  • Myofascial release?
  • What does anatomy teach us
  • Breath
  • The Zink Technique
  • What is a barrier
  • Paradoxical breathing
  • Q & A

Part II

Breath and Breathing Pattern Disorders

  • Inner cosmos
  • Take-aways from session 1
  • Monosynaptic Reflex
  • How are we informed by tensegrity
  • Framing, Perception and Hierarchy
  • Breathing pattern disorders
  • Assessment strategies
  • Using ground reaction force
  • Foundation of breath
  • Neuromuscular and osseofascial techniques
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Part III

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Assessment Techniques

  • Vocabulary
  • Planes of motion
  • Evaluation assessment technique
  • Fascia and temporal medicine
  • Palpatory assessment technique
  • Interosseous technique

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John Sharkey is a clinical anatomist, exercise physiologist, founder of European Neuromuscular Therapy (ENMT) and a recognized authority in the treatment of myofascial pain. John has been a senior tutor with Ireland’s National Training Centre (NTC) delivering courses in touch therapies and health related human movement studies integrating tensegrity principles into the courses since 1985.

Join John as he guides you through the complexities of the chronic pain patient/client assessment protocol cutting straight to what matters the most to ensure you see the forest from the trees.

In this series, John provides a structure for assessment that you can immediately integrate into your current clinical practice.


If you have any questions regarding this course, please contact us.

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