Radical wholeness

Philip Shepherd

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The Embodied Practitioner

“In this webinar, Philip Shepherd explores issues that enable practitioners to drop into the thriving intelligence of the body, and facilitate its attunement to the present. This is a primary skill of care-giving: to be fully present to the client. It is also a means of deeply informing a practitioner and guiding them in the work they do.”
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Radical Wholeness Book Presentation

Our modern world persuades us in countless ways to separate from the body and live in the head. Disconnected from the body’s intelligence, we also disconnect from the wholeness of the present which is the primary source of stress in our personal lives and for the planet.
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Radical Wholeness Talk 2016

“The real adventure consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in seeing with new eyes” Proust

Most of our problems, individually and globally, stem from a single root cause: we have created a culture of disconnection. Philip Shepherd has devoted his life to understanding how that happened, how it impacts our personal lives, and how we can ‘reconnect’ with the world that sustains us.

The Embodied Present Process – Exercises

TEPP is a series of practices that were developed by Philip Shepherd to help people gently undo the stress and imbalances that are caused by living in the head, and find instead what it means to rest in the deeper, connected intelligence of the body. The practices are widely varied – from quietly meditative to gently in motion – but they have two traits in common: all of them are very simple, and deeply transformative. In fact, those traits are related, because it is at the level of profound simplicity that we most clearly disclose the patterns that divide us. Once those unseen patterns are brought into the light, they begin to soften.

The TEPP philosophy understands that the wholeness of an individual can only be understood as a quality of relationship: your wholeness is not contained within your skin – it exists as a dance with the energies of the world around you. You do not just live in the world; the world lives in you. The present lives in you, and is most intimately experienced as it touches your core. The intimacy of that experience is what gave the work its name – The Embodied Present Process™ – for it is when the present is embodied in that way that you come home to your wholeness.

These audio exercises will give you a practical and experiential opening into the nourishment of being that is The Embodied Present Process.

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