The Energetics of Touch - Healing Effects of Sound and Light

Live lecture with
Dr. James Oschman (USA)

The principles underlying the healing effect of body therapy approaches are still poorly understood. Dr. James Oschman is a pioneer in the field of Energy Medicine research who has worked for decades to establish a scientific basis for what manual therapists experience daily in their practice – the healing response brought about by Bowen Therapy, CST and many other modalities.

The science of vibrations applies to all clinical methods. Regardless of the philosophy of the technique being used, intricate energetic interactions occur between nearby individuals, even if they are not in physical contact.

In this lecture, Dr. Oschman will go into the healing nature of light and sound. Seeing and talking with another person are energetic interactions, involving light and sound vibrations. Information can be transferred from one organism to another via energy fields, and living systems are very sensitive to them. Add therapeutic intention and touch to the equation, and whole new dimensions of subtle but measurable exchanges are brought into play.

Course Lesson

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