Bowen Revision Workshops

Modules 1 - 7

Welcome to these revision workshops with John Wilks

These workshops are designed to revise and deepen some of the basic Bowen work learned in modules 1 – 7 and provide you with assessment tools, therapy protocol strategies and ways to generally refine your work.

The workshops are open to all qualified Bowen practitioners, irrespective of where you have studied in the past. They qualify for full CPD points with the Bowen Association UK.

Watch the Course Introduction below

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Wokshop Structure

The workshops will begin with some theory and cover the anatomy about the procedures being practiced, followed by a practical demonstration on a live body in the studio. This will be filmed in such a way that the positioning of the practitioner’s hands and the position of the client will be super clear. There will be at least 2 camera feeds to get the best view of the procedure being demonstrated.

Workshop Sessions

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