Bowen Revision Workshops SP1

Modules 9 & 10

Welcome to these revision workshops with John Wilks

Following on from his popular revision classes last year, in this online course, John will demonstrate moves and procedures from the Specialised Procedures 1 class (Modules 9 and 10).

Using live models, he will use multiple camera angles so that participants can get both close up and a bird’s eye view of the moves.  The course will be spread over 4 sessions of 4 hours in length and will include time for individual practice (with feedback from John) as well as questions and answers.

These online revision classes are designed for Bowen practitioners who have already completed an in-person class (module 9). They qualify for full CPD points with the Bowen Association UK.

Wokshop Structure

The workshops begin with some theory and cover the anatomy about the procedures being practiced, followed by a practical demonstration on a live body in the studio.

This is filmed in such a way that the positioning of the practitioner’s hands and the position of the client will be super clear.


Workshop Sessions

Bowen Revision Workshops SP1 – Part 1

Bowen Revision Workshops SP1 – Part 2

Bowen Revision Workshops SP1 – Part 3

Bowen Revision Workshops SP1 – Part 4

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