Functional Anatomy and Psychology of Breath

with Christopher Gladwell

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Breath is the key. It unites posture, anatomy and body with emotions and mind and our environment. How you breathe is how you live. As a therapist, the one biggest thing you can pay attention to that makes the biggest change for both you and your clients is firstly how you breathe and secondly how they breathe.

Evolution has also gifted us the direct relationship between our gravitational stance and our breath. Our bipedal stance has insisted on us finding a relationship (functional or dysfunctional) with gravity. Gravity affects how we live and how we die. Being conscious of these dynamics brings us greater centeredness and ease in the flow of our life, in the potency of our work and in the dance of our relationships.

Christopher Gladwell has dedicated over four decades of daily practice and study to breathwork, meditation and movement and is the author of fourteen books and numerous articles.

In this webinar, Christopher will introduce us to the interrelationship of mind and anatomy with particular focus on breath and the vagus nerve, breath and the fascial webs of connection through the diaphragmatic structures of the body and therefore emotion, breath and mind.

Christopher Gladwell

Mindfulness and Breathwork Instructor

Christopher has over four decades of dedicated and disciplined breath focused practice from the realms of athletics, martial arts, Taoist practice, Vedic pranayam, yogic practice, Sufism, voice-work and the study of biological sciences. Read more…

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